Autumn Offer 2023.

Közzététel: 2023.09.19.
Author: ruralcottage

Our guest houses are waiting for visitors this fall. And to make the experience complete, don’t explore your favorite places by car, but hop on a bicycle!

We love autumn because there’s a scent of harvest in the air, deer bellow after dark, and your back won’t burn while cycling. The waterfront is peaceful, with the reeds gently swaying in the light breeze. In the distance, sailboats dot the horizon, but the shore is quiet without the summer crowds. The light hugs the scenery, casting a golden bridge on the water as the sun sets. In autumn, Lake Balaton is at its most beautiful… Anyone who hasn’t visited the Balaton-felvidék in autumn hasn’t truly experienced it.

Let this autumn be different from the others! Because this fall, for every reservation made on our website for a minimum of 2 nights, we offer a complimentary one-day tandem bike rental.

What do you think? Would you like to try a tandem cycling weekend? If yes, click here:


Our guest houses provide comfortable accommodation for 2-5 people. And now, with every reservation of 2 nights or more, we offer a tandem for a day so you can explore the Balaton-felvidék up close. In a landscape where you can see Lake Balaton from hilltops, military-like rows of vineyards stretch in green and yellow, and the autumn sun shines in gold.

You can choose from our Balatoncsicsó houses at the following link:



What our guests say:


“Friendly, flexible host, fully equipped house. Thank you for your flexibility and the bikes!”

H. Balázs September 2023

“We felt great, a perfect place to relax! We would gladly return anytime and recommend it to our friends! Following Zsuzsa’s instructions, it was very easy to get in. The place is spacious, excellently equipped, and clean.”

B. Bence September 2023

“We enjoyed our stay a lot. Zsuzsa is a very friendly host. Communication was very good and she gave us tips for activities. The house is lovely (including air conditioning) with a garden to enjoy. The hammock was our favorite place. ?”

Helga H. August 2023

“Beautiful old house in a lovely village. Central location, ideal for discovering the Balaton area. We very much enjoyed the private garden, full of lavender. A very enjoyable place to stay!”

Nora K. August 2023


You can check out our guest houses here, and you can also book online here. Please write in the notes section:


If you want to see photos of our rentable bikes, you can find them HERE. And if you’d like breakfast, we can arrange that too; just let us know when booking. And if you’re wondering where to go with a tandem in this area, choose from nearby destinations here.


Trust us!

If you decide to try tandem cycling but don’t enjoy it, just let us know, and we’ll replace the tandem with two mountain bikes.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never cycled on a tandem. Will I be able to do it?

Cycling on a tandem is not that challenging. It’s best to try both seats and then decide who should be the captain. Both cyclists need to pedal at the same time, so you need to agree on the “traveling speed.” The front rider steers, while the back rider enjoys the scenery 🙂 The good news is that we are in a small village area, with a new village, pub, bench, playground, coffee options, and a view of Lake Balaton every 2-3 km, so you’ll be cycling through inhabited areas. During autumn, there’s not much car traffic, and there are even traffic-free sections. We can help you choose a route.

  • Can only adults use the tandem? I’d love to cycle with one of my kids…

No! The height of the tandem’s seat is adjustable, so even older kids can comfortably use it. If you come with a smaller child (under 8 years old), we recommend another type of bike, where both riders sit on the same bike but the back part can be pedaled independently, and it’s okay if you don’t pedal in harmony. You can see this bike in the deer photo.

  • Can a child seat be added to the tandem?

Yes! We provide a child seat, but you need to bring a helmet for it.

  • Will we receive a lock for the bike?

Yes. We provide a combination lock for every rented bike.

  • Where will our accommodation be?

All our rental houses are in Balatoncsicsó. Balatoncsicsó is located in the Balaton-felvidék, halfway between Zánka and Nagyvázsony. Depending on available dates, you can choose here: house selector. It’s also worth looking at pictures here: our rental houses.

  • Does the accommodation include breakfast?

You can order breakfast for all our accommodations, but it’s not included in the base price. If you want to order breakfast, please indicate it when booking!

  • Where will we be cycling?

In the beautiful autumn Balaton-felvidék! We provide a bike map (on paper) with every reservation, and you can read about nearby destinations here: sights.

  • What if we don’t enjoy tandem cycling?

No problem. If you find it more comfortable, we’ll replace the tandem with 2 mountain bikes. But give the tandem a try for a round—it’s big fun!