Breakfast with Local Products

You can request a breakfast package with local products for all our accommodations. The products are supplied by local producers in and around the Nivegy Valley. Truly. And every artisanal food has passed through a discerning filter – our partner has carefully selected the best offerings from the region.

Check out for options and prices!

The breakfast arrives at your door in a basket at the agreed delivery time.
Please note that the content of the breakfast package may vary seasonally. However, it is always rich, abundant, and filled with the best locally grown, honest products.

You need to pre-order breakfast 2 days in advance, so we usually ask when you make your reservation if you’d like to have it.
The good news is that they can also prepare breakfast as a picnic package, which you can take with you for a hike or to any romantic spot. If you prefer this option, let them know in advance.

Bike Rental

For guests staying in our Balatoncsicsó houses, we offer the rental of two mountain bikes, one tandem bike, and two electric bikes. Child seats and trailers for small children are also available. Contact us for details and request a personalized quote.

Prices in 2023:

rental of a tandem bike: 5,000 HUF/day, 25,000 HUF/week
rental of a mountain bike: 5,000 HUF/day, 25,000 HUF/week
rental of an electric bike: 16,000 HUF/day

Local Product Shelf

The Stone House has a local product shelf with regional pantry items, and its selection is constantly changing.

Its offerings are not ordinary: local wines, jams, syrups, sandwich creams, honey and soap, and on better days, artisanal sparkling wine and other handicraft products are also available.

It works like a minibar in hotels: you tell us what you took from it upon departure, and we simply add it to your bill.

The Nivegy Valley wine sets the stage for a social, chatty evening or makes an excellent gift for those at home.

Wine Tasting

The Nivegy Valley is no ordinary wine region. We are happy to assist as guides in organizing wine tastings or cellar tours, request a personalized quote.

Please inform us before your arrival about any additional services you would like beyond accommodation. We provide invoices for all services. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer, and if you insist, we also accept the SZÉP Card.