Spring Offer 2024

Közzététel: 2024.02.05.
Author: ruralcottage

As soon as the cold winter ends and the chickadees start chirping, we are looking forward to welcoming our guests again in our houses in Balatoncsicsó. If you haven’t tried tandem cycling yet, now is the time! This spring, we are offering a complimentary bike alongside your accommodation.

There is hope in spring. The days are getting longer, everything comes to life again, and it’s increasingly better to be outdoors. Sometimes the wind still bites a bit cool, but the sun shines strongly on the hilltops. In the distance, the blue of Lake Balaton, neatly maintained vine rows along the road. Almond trees burst into bloom, followed by apricots, plums, and buckthorn bushes.

Start the year sportily in this romantic landscape! This spring, for every booking of at least 2 nights, we give you a complimentary one-day tandem use.

What do you think? Would you like to try a tandem weekend? If YES, click here:


Our guest houses provide comfortable accommodation for 2-5 people. And now, for EVERY booking of at least 2 nights or more, we offer a complimentary one-day tandem use so that you can experience the Balaton Highlands up close. In a landscape where the Balaton is visible from the hilltops, military-like vine rows stretch towards the valley, where the spring sun tingles.

You can choose from our individual houses, not cramped apartments or hotel rooms. Your accommodation will be in a house with a garden, terrace, and barbecue area in the beautiful Balaton Highlands. You can choose from our houses by clicking on the link below:



Our guests wrote about us:

“Friendly, flexible host, fully equipped house. Thank you for the flexibility and the bikes!” (H. Balázs 2023.)

“Fantastic atmosphere in the house, with a super host in a fairytale-like area.” (P. Dániel 2023.)

“Nice house 8 minutes drive from the touristic area of Balaton. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to stay with kids – this is the right choice!” (Anasztazia R., 2023.)

“We found one of the best accommodations in Hungary here, perfect in every aspect. We got exactly what the description and pictures showed.  The place is great for families, couples too, and Zsuzsa is an excellent host. We received a lot of useful information in advance, everything went smoothly, and we met a very kind person. We can only recommend it.” (T. Gábor, 2023)


You can also book our guest houses online HERE. In the comments, please write: “I WANT A TANDEM!”

You can view photos of our rental bikes HERE. And if you want breakfast, we can arrange that too; just let us know when booking.


Trust us! If you give it a try but tandem cycling doesn’t work out for you, just say the word, and we’ll switch the tandem for two mountain bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I’ve never ridden a tandem. Will I be able to do this?

Riding a tandem bike is not that difficult. It’s best if you both try out both seats and then decide who should be the captain. Both cyclists need to pedal at the same time, meaning you need to agree on the “traveling speed.” The front person steers, and the rear person enjoys the scenery.  The good news is that we are in a rural area, with a new village, pub, bench, playground, and coffee options every 2-3 km. So, you’ll be riding through inhabited areas, but in spring, there is not much traffic, and there are even traffic-free sections. We can help you choose a route.

  • Can only adults use the tandem? I prefer biking with one of my kids…

No! The tandem in the picture has an adjustable seat height and can be comfortably used by older children. If you come with a smaller child (under 8 years old), we recommend a different type of bike, where you both sit on the same bike, but the rear part can be pedaled independently, and it’s okay if you don’t pedal in sync. You can see this bike in the picture with the deer.

  • Can a child seat be added to the tandem?

Yes! I’ll include a picture of that in the gallery. We provide a child seat, but you’ll need to bring a helmet for it.

  • Do we get a lock for the bike?

Yes. We provide a combination lock with every rented bike.

  • Where will our accommodation be?

All our rental houses are in Balatoncsicsó. Balatoncsicsó is in the Balaton Highlands, halfway between Zánka and Nagyvázsony. You can choose based on available dates here: house selector. It’s worth looking at pictures here: our rental houses.

  • Is breakfast included with the accommodation?

You can order breakfast for all our accommodations, but it is not included in the basic accommodation price. If you want to order breakfast, please let us know when booking!

  • Where will we bike?

In the beautiful Balaton Highlands! We provide a cycling map (paper) for every booking, and you can read in detail about nearby destinations here: sights.

Our Guarantee

  • What if tandem cycling doesn’t work out?

No problem. If you find it more comfortable, we’ll switch the tandem for 2 mountain bikes. But definitely take a ride with the tandem – it’s big fun!