What to do if the forecast predicts rainy weather?

Közzététel: 2023.02.16.
Author: ruralcottage

Absolutely do not panic or stay at home. The success of an outing doesn’t depend solely on sunshine. Rain is just as crucial for maintaining the landscape as sunlight. It doesn’t start drizzling to spoil your plans; it has its own important role in the weather.

1. Tip: Dive Deeper into Information!

If you’re still planning your trip and suddenly see a forecast of rain, don’t worry: be sure to check multiple weather forecasting sites. They are likely to show different predictions. It’s worth choosing one that not only displays the raindrop icon but also indicates when during the day and with what probability rain is expected. Information about the amount of rain can also be useful. If it’s only 3-4 mm or less, you can expect only light drizzle. However, they still add the raindrop icon, which can be quite intimidating.

2. Tip: Choose a Social Media-Active Restaurant or Service Provider near the Vacation Spot and Check their Page.

Some restaurants in the Balaton region have turned responding to inaccurate forecasts into a sport by showing on their social media pages what the weather is really like. (Or just ask your host.) Here at Lake Balaton, we often suffer from guests not coming or staying based on the actual weather but on the weather forecast, which is often misleading.

3. Tip: Delve Deeper into Information about Activities that Work in Rainy or Drizzly Weather.

Cultural events like the Valley of the Arts, the consecutive festivals in Balatonfüred along the Tagore Promenade, more serious museums, and city tours are even more enjoyable when the sun isn’t scorching. In Tapolca, the Spring Cave can be a good choice. Click HERE for more ideas.

4. Tip: Go Hiking!

A little drizzle is still suitable for forest hikes. There is already a lookout tower on every significant hill of the Bakony and Balaton Uplands. Plan the hike to be short or several short hikes in a row, with a lunch break in the middle, so that if the weather turns sad, you won’t be far from your accommodation/car.

5. Tip: Choose a Destination for the Day with Both Cultural and Natural Attractions.

For example, in Tihany, you can find museums (Abbey, Lavender House, Garda Aquarium, Folk Houses, etc.) and climb up to the Golden House, which is a geyser cone, the lookout tower, stroll by the Inner Lake, which is a protected area, or hike in the forest to the hermit apartments and the Ciprián spring. If the weather in nature is not pleasant, you can still make the most of the rest of the day with a visit to a good museum or a stop at a pastry shop.

6. Tip: Bike!

It may be surprising at first, but cycling is not best done in the heat. An unexpected summer cold spell or spring gloomy weather should not stop you from cycling. If you choose an electric bike, you can cover longer distances with less effort and not feel as vulnerable. Look for tours around your accommodation; the Balaton Uplands is full of bikeable vineyard roads. Your host ideally provides maps and advice. Even in this weather, it’s worth choosing several smaller loops instead of one big, full-day tour.

7. Tip: Prepare Board Games!

A deck of cards can fit even in the pocket of a bicycle bag and serves well if you need to wait somewhere for the rain to stop. Most accommodations have board games; feel free to ask your host.

About the Timing of the Vacation

The Balaton somehow entered public consciousness as a summer destination, but believe me, the whimsical spring and the quiet autumn can be much more beautiful than the summer dotted with heatwaves. Although we understand that it’s difficult to endure the heat in the city, and Lake Balaton calls, there’s nothing like a sunset over the lake in autumn or the blooming almond trees on south-facing hills in March.

And well, what counts as good weather in the end? It’s an interesting phenomenon that guests are not interested in the absolute weather but rather the weather that can be expected to be good for the season. I mean, a sunny March with 12-16 degrees is already inviting for guests, while in May, only much warmer weather is considered enticing.

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