Where to go, if you only have a weekend in the Balaton Uplands?

Közzététel: 2023.02.15.
Author: ruralcottage

The Balaton Uplands is so rich in sights that a weekend will seem very short. This is the region worth returning to because there are activities in every season, and the landscape always reveals a different face. Our weekend program guide is for those guests who are visiting the Balaton Uplands for the first time.

If you arrived on Friday and have to leave on Sunday, it’s worth planning a shorter program for Friday evening in addition to occupying the accommodation. It’s nice to watch the sunset from Hegyestű or the ruins of Szent Balázs Church; take a stroll on the pier in Révfülöp or along the Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred. If you want to dine nearby, you can find open restaurants on weekends in Szentantalfa, Balatonakali, Balázs Hill, and Zánka throughout the year.

Make Saturday a day dedicated to excursions: a beautiful road leads through the Káli Basin to Tapolca. The road winds through the middle of the basin, surrounded by former volcanoes on all sides. This road is beautiful even in foggy weather. Along the way, you can stop in Szentbékkálla at the Stone Sea, take a village walk or have lunch in one of the famous restaurants in Köveskál, or even walk to the sculptures around Lake Kornyi. This is the heart of the Káli Basin, and the witness mountains around it look fantastic in all weather conditions.

If you have hiking boots, it’s worth climbing a witness mountain; Gulács and Tóti Hill are almost on the way. Csobánc is a bigger challenge; you often see paragliders jumping over it. In Tapolca, it’s nice to visit the Spring Cave (you can boat in the cave, and there is also a visitor center) and take a stroll in the park around Lake Malom. You can buy tickets for the Spring Cave in advance, so you don’t have to wait in line, and the day can be better planned. Children enjoy feeding the goldfish in Lake Malom. There are several restaurants in the city center. Recently, on Saturdays, there are also stands open at the Káptalantóti Liliomkert market.

On Sunday, it’s time to head home: after a comfortable, peaceful local product breakfast, getting up is easier. It’s worth choosing sights on the way home: families with small children often choose the Nagyvázsony Castle or the Veszprém Zoo as the final chord of the trip. For older children, the Roman remains in Balácapuszta may be interesting, or if it’s on the way, the Liliomkert market on Sunday mornings is the busiest and most lively place in the area.

You can find more ideas and detailed descriptions in the SIGHTS section. If you haven’t booked accommodation yet, you can also book it here.