Our mission: local food

Közzététel: 2023.02.14.
Author: ruralcottage

Buy local food! As a couple dedicated to rural development, it is close to our hearts that tourists encounter not only the beautiful landscape of the Balaton Uplands but also its stewards—the people who sustain the landscape and produce local food items.

This beautiful, diverse landscape with vineyards, orchards, cellars, and forest patches, shaped by stone walls, creates a rolling, picturesque countryside. The reason behind its charm is a small local community living and working here.

Even if not in person, get to know them through their products – in the Stonehouse guesthouse, we maintain a **local product shelf**, and in all our rentable houses, you can order a local product breakfast package. Break away from the everyday routine, feel the taste of travel, and savor the local experience!

By purchasing local products, you:

  • access healthy, domestic groceries
  • support a community that preserves this beautiful landscape
  • enjoy flavors different from the usual industrialized food

We have “pre-selected” them for you on our local product shelf – only our favorites are kept. In our **breakfast**, we offer seasonally available, fresh, locally-sourced homemade food. Prices and details can be found under services.

You can search among our rental houses in the BOOKING menu. In our houses, not only can you order a local product breakfast, but you can also rent electric and traditional bicycles available on site..

The local product shelf operates like hotel minibars: you can take a bottle of wine, jam, vegetable spread, honey, etc., at any time. Payment is made in one sum at departure – of course, we provide receipts for everything.